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Canada Congratulates Hungary on the 15th Anniversary of its accession to NATO

On March 12, 2014, Canada congratulates Hungary on the 15th Anniversary of its accession to NATO in 1999. Canada is proud to have been the first Ally to ratify the Accession Protocols. Since then, Canada and Hungary have worked together on transatlantic issues through our delegations in Brussels. Hungary's membership within NATO has contributed to Canada and Hungary's excellent bilateral relations, which will celebrate 50 years on June 11, 2014.

By joining NATO, Hungary strengthened its own security as well as that of NATO and the entire Euro-Atlantic region. Hungary has contributed greatly in political and operational terms to the work that NATO does. Its accession continued NATO’s aspiration towards maintaining a region that is free and at peace.

NATO enlargement has produced greater security for Allies while paying transformative democratic dividends in the Western Balkans and former Warsaw Pact countries. Canada has been and remains a strong supporter of NATO’s “Open Door” Policy regarding new members.


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