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Application for a Canadian Passport (under 16 years old)

Canadian passports are issued to Canadian citizens only. Read the information carefully before completing the form. All children need their own passports to travel. One Passport for one person.

Application must be returned with

  • Form | - PDF Version * (555.8 KB)
  • Two identical passport photos taken within the last 1 month (see the sample below). Application form and at least ONE of the photos must be certified by your guarantor.
  • Original proof of Canadian citizenship. As of November 26, 2001, for those born in the province of Quebec, ONLY birth certificates issued after January 1, 1994, by le Directeur de l'état civil du Québec are acceptable.
  • Any Canadian passport issued to you within the last FIVE years.


Please note that the fee paid for passport services is non-refundable, whether or not a passport is issued or the supplementary service requested is completed.

Where the application is made outside Canada, the passport application fee is:

  • Under three years of age - valid for maximum of three years - Rs. 990 or CAD $20.00
  • Three to 15 years of age - valid for maximum of five years - Rs. 1715 or CAD $35.00

The fee must be submitted by a bank draft drawn in favour of the "Canadian High Commission" payable at New Delhi. We do not accept cheques. Please do not send cash by mail.


examples of photos appropriate for passports


  • 2inches X 2 3/4 inches;
  • face size  between 31-36 mm.

Two identical passport photos showing a full front view of head and shoulders, with neutral expression and mouth closed.

Taken against a plain white background without shadows. 

Photos taken against a dark coloured background will be returned to applicants and the processing of the application will be delayed.

Taken within the last 12 months.  Your guarantor must certify and sign the back of at least one photograph.

In case one parent is not in India, S/He should approach the nearest Canadian passport office and sign a consent form (PPT 028) authorising the other parent to apply for the child's passport. In case both parents are in Canada, a letter signed by each parent explaining why S/He cannot apply for the child passport is also required along with a declaration stating "I, (name of parent, custodial parent or legal guardian), as legal guardian of the child, authorize (name of de facto applicant) to apply for a passport on behalf of child (name of child) and the passport, when issued, may be released to that person." The PPT 028 form along with the letter and declaration will be faxed to our office directly from Canada. The de facto applicant must enclose a statement saying "I have been authorized by the legal guardian (names of both parents) to complete this form" along with a copy of his/her identification document and contact phone number, address and date of birth. Application form will be accepted only on receipt of the above documents.

The standard processing time of the passport application is 15 working days, excluding the mailing time. Please note that we do not have the necessary resources to either acknowledge receipt of applications or provide periodical up-dates until the processing time of the respective application is over. We will contact you upon reception of the application only if there is something wrong with it.

* If you require a plug-in or a third-party software to view this file, please visit the alternative formats section of our help page.


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