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Canadian Clubs and Organizations in Indonesia

Indonesia-Canada Chamber of Commerce

The Indonesia-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) serves its members by providing them with regular information on business in Indonesia, by hosting events providing opportunities to learn about and discuss business in Indonesia and in Canada, and by representing the general interests of Canadian business to the Indonesian government. It also actively organizes a number of social events to bring its members closer together.

Canadian Alumni in Indonesia

The Canadian Alumni in Indonesia (Calindo) is an organisation comprised of Indonesians and Canadians who are interested in helping each other, and to develop an active alumni group through networking. Among its objectives are to increase the visibility of Canadian alumni in Indonesia's political, economic, social and environmental life; to promote the expertise of Canadian alumni among potential employers in Indonesia and abroad; to promote socio-cultural exchanges; and to promote Canada in Indonesia, particularly the quality of the Canadian education system.

Canadian Women’s Association

The Canadian Women’s Association (CWA) is an organization with mostly female members whose purpose is to encourage a sense of community among Canadian citizens in Jakarta, to offer social activities for the Canadian community, to provide support for newcomers, and to contribute to social development needs in Indonesia.


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