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Supporting Indonesia in Combating Terrorism

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Ambassador Bobiash joins participants and representatives from JCLEC (including S/Sgt. Don Dupasquier of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) for a group photo.

Closing Ceremony of the Interpol Capacity Building Programme Criminal Intelligence Analysis for South East Asia at JCLEC. The training, funded by the Government of Canada, drew participants from eight ASEAN countries.

Ambassador Bobiash presents a certificate to a participant from Vietnam.

In partnership with Interpol, Canada hosted a series of counter-terrorism courses and training programs for participants from countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Terrorist operations have become more sophisticated, calling for more intense counter-terrorism efforts. Recent tragedies in Kenya, Nigeria, and Iraq emphasize the importance of training and the need to maintain pressure on terrorist groups.

Recognising the increasing need for criminal intelligence, Canada’s goal is to boost the ability of police officers around the world to detect, investigate, and disrupt all forms of terrorism.

Canada’s Contributions to Counter-Terrorism in Indonesia

Since 2007, Canada has partnered with the Jakarta Center for Law Enforcement and Cooperation (JCLEC) to fund and coordinate training programs in areas such as Drug Interdiction, Criminal Intelligence, Surveillance and — more recently — a Human Smuggling Investigative Training Program with Australia and New Zealand.

RCMP Staff Sergeant Donald Dupasquier has been the Canadian Senior Police Trainer for over two years and has delivered numerous such programs, following in the footsteps of the Senior Police Trainers that have preceded him since the creation of the full-time position at JCLEC in 2007.

These training courses have involved more than 900 Indonesian and international participants from law enforcement agencies all over the world.

One recently-concluded course, the Interpol Capacity Building Programme on Criminal Intelligence, helped participants enhance their knowledge of investigative techniques and the state of criminal analysis related to counter terrorism efforts in Asia.

This two week course brought together 20 criminal analysts and investigators from eight ASEAN countries, as well as instructors from Canada, the United Nations, the Indonesian National Police, the Australian Federal Police and Interpol.

The course was developed to enhance knowledge of investigative techniques and the state of criminal analysis related to counter-terrorism efforts in Asia.

An Ongoing Partnership

In addition, the course created a forum where participants could network and share their experiences in the fight against terrorism. 

Ambassador Donald Bobiash was on hand for the closing ceremony, which also marked his first visit to JCLEC.

The fight against terrorism requires the combined effort of all of us to be truly successful. The Government of Canada is proud to partner with Interpol in this training, which we hope would better equip you for your work as intelligence analysts and investigators. This training is but one example of the Government of Canada’s commitment to countering terrorism and furthering cooperation in Indonesia and South Asia more broadly.” - Ambassador Donald Bobiash

Bobiash was pleased to announce that Canada’s partnership with JCLEC and the RCMP placement had been extended until 2015.

By March 2014, Canada will have contributed almost $5 million to Indonesia under the Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program.

This program furthers Canada’s efforts in combating terrorism in Southeast Asia. The funding will go towards regional law enforcement agencies to conduct counter-terrorism investigations and combat the financing of terrorism.

Canada has been a long term partner and remains a strong supporter of JCLEC and looks forward to continuing this positive relationship for years to come.


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