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Rock and talk promoting religious freedom in Indonesia

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Canada’s booth and cartoon characters at the PeaceTival.

Visitors take a photo with cartoon characters around the Canada booth.

Visitors display their prizes after answering quizzes correctly at the Canada booth.

Air Marshal Landing rock the stage.

Cartoon characters, a Canadian rock band and the Embassy of Canada teamed up to promote freedom of religion and discussion between faiths in Indonesia. Respect, diversity and tolerance were the key words on everyone’s minds at Indonesia’s first ‘PeaceTival’ – which Canada was proud to support.

A PeaceTival for all

Indonesia’s first peace festival, the PeaceTival, included a diverse program such as workshops, outreach to schools, community service and musical performances. The PeaceTival aimed to promote freedom of religion, interfaith dialogue, and religious diversity in Indonesia.

Promoting religious freedom through cartoons

During the PeaceTival, the Embassy welcomed thousands of attendees from all over West Java to their festival booth.

Visitors were greeted by colourful cut-out characters. People were invited to take pictures with the cardboard characters and to share them on their own social media networks using the hashtags #respect, #peace, #diversity and #tolerance. These cartoons sparked discussions online and spread the message of the PeaceTival outside of the festival grounds.

Quizzes at the booth also tested visitors on their knowledge of freedom of religion, diversity, human rights and Canada-Indonesia bilateral relations. Correct answers earned the winners Canadian prizes like bags, t-shirts, hats, and mugs. To participate in the grand contest to win Canadian backpacks, people had to "like" the Facebook page of the Embassy.

Rocking for Peace

Air Marshalls Landing, a Canadian rock band from Uxbridge Ontario, was also a key partner at the PeaceTival. Dedicated to peace, the band self-funded its trip to Indonesia and the Embassy funded parts of their trip in the country. While in the country, the band participated in a number of activities across West Java, including voluntary work at a local orphanage, visits to Muslim schools, as well as co-writing and recording songs with Muslim rock bands about interfaith dialogue and peace.

The band also provided a rocking end to the PeaceTival by performing at the closing ceremonies on January 10th. After the event, the band members said it was a life changing experience, and couldn’t wait to continue promoting the interfaith dialogue back in Canada.

Postcards of peace at the PeaceTival.

Peace Generation Indonesia

This PeaceTival was just one of the many events that are put on by Peace Generation Indonesia, a local NGO in Bandung. The NGO has reached out to over 30,000 students through voluntary work, student peace camps, and conferences. Peace Generation has also created two series of books for elementary school students promoting topics like interfaith dialogue, conflict resolution through mediation, respect of difference, tolerance, diversity, and rejecting violence.

PeaceTival thanks

Throughout the festival, many visitors thanked Canada for its support and presence at an event promoting religious freedom and interfaith dialogue. Canada was happy to support an event that promoted such an important issue not only among the public but also among leading NGOs and religious representatives in Bandung.


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