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Embassy of Canada Organizes Ramadan Outreach

Counsellor Yendall (middle) poses with some of IIEC students.

During the Islamic month of Ramadan, the Embassy of Canada organized a number of visits with Muslim community groups in Indonesia, led by Political Counsellor, Mr.  Jonathan Yendall.

Counsellor Yendall delivers his opening remarks.

Counsellor Yendall welcomes Embassy contacts to a breaking-of-the-fast dinner at his residence.

The Embassy’s outreach program began with a visit to the campus of the International Islamic Secondary School and the International Islamic High School (IISS/IIHS) – two schools under the International Islamic Education Council (IIEC) – in downtown Jakarta.  

Mr. Yendall was welcomed by the IIEC Founder, Mr. Emil Abbas, and took part in a lively discussion with around 300 students and teachers from the two schools that crowded the auditorium. The outreach program is a part of the Embassy’s efforts to engage Indonesians on the topics of human rights, democracy, good governance and interfaith cooperation.

Earlier in the year, over 170 students and teachers from both schools went to Canada to join an overseas program for six weeks in Kamloops, British Columbia.  This was the second time that IIEC had selected Canada as the destination for their overseas program.

Two students who joined the overseas program in Canada later presented a slide show chronicling their Canadian experience, which included taking part in a Canada Day parade in Vancouver. During the “Question and Answer” session, the students seemed very interested in getting to know more about studying in Canada. The visit ended with a breaking-of-the-fast dinner.

As part of the Embassy's Ramadan Outreach program, Counsellor Yendall also hosted a breaking-of-the-fast dinner at his residence. Various Embassy contacts were invited including prominent Muslim figures from the government, academic and civil society backgrounds. It was an excellent opportunity to strengthen existing partnership   as well as to establish new relationships.


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