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Presentation of Credentials: New Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia, His Excellency Peter MacArthur

October 4, 2016

JAKARTA – Canada’s new Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Peter MacArthur, presented letters of credence to H.E. President Joko Widodo today at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta.

“Indonesia is a remarkable country and one of Canada’s most important partners in the Asia Pacific region,” said Ambassador MacArthur. “Canada and Indonesia are both vast countries featuring the world’s two longest coastlines and significant forests so crucial to the planet’s atmosphere and oceans in the context of climate change.  Our two countries value pluralism and democracy, and a commitment to sustainable economic growth through facilitation of small businesses, innovation and education to help build a stronger middle class.” “I look forward to working with our Indonesian partners to further develop and optimize the exciting opportunities our bilateral complementarity offers in the areas of trade, investment, infrastructure, security and peace, including UN peacekeeping. One of our goals is to support transparency and due process in the rule of law so crucial to the business community, investors, tourists and other stakeholders in our important bilateral relationship. From the standpoint of unity in our respective diversities, our two peoples will be the beneficiaries of reinforced people-to-people linkages, particularly among our young people.

Canada established diplomatic relations with Indonesia in 1952. The first Canadian Embassy opened in Jakarta in 1953. Since that time, Canada has enjoyed a positive relationship with Indonesia, complemented by our multilateral work together in the United Nations, G20, APEC and as a dialogue partner with ASEAN.  The two-way trade between the two countries increases at an annual rate of 20% and exceeded Cdn$3.5 billion last year.  Indonesia is also one of Canada’s primary investment destinations in Asia, with Canadian job-creating investment in natural resources, high technology and services valued at Cdn$4.3 billion.. Canada is also actively engaged in development assistance in Indonesia to support sustainable economic growth, democracy, good governance, and human rights. The two countries are also partners in addressing global challenges such as terrorism. Canada and Indonesia enjoy growing people-to-people links with thousands of Indonesians and Canadians traveling and studying in each other’s countries.

Prior to his appointment as Ambassador to Indonesia, , H.E Peter MacArthur served as Director General of the South, Southeast Asia and Oceania Bureau at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (2012-2016). During that time, he also represented Canada at meetings of senior economic officials at the APEC forum and with ASEAN.  H.E. MacArthur joined the Department of External Affairs in 1982, and has served in numerous positions abroad. These include as a Trade Commissioner in Moscow (1984 to 1987) and New Delhi (1987 to 1988) and as consul heading Canada’s trade office in Mumbai (1988 to 1990). He also served as a Trade Commissioner in Hong Kong (1994 to 1997) and as Minister (commercial) and Senior Trade Commissioner at the Embassy to Japan (2004 to 2009). At Headquarters, H.E. MacArthur worked as Deputy Director on economic relations with Russia (1990 to 1992); as Deputy Director, policy and strategic planning (1997 to 1999); as Director, Trade Commissioner Service overseas operations (1999 to 2003); and Director, China and Mongolia (2003 to 2004). He also served as Director General, global business opportunities (2009 to 2012), overseeing industry sectors, as well as science and technology cooperation. He is married to Karen MacArthur and they have two children.


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