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Step-by-Step Application Guide

Applying to participate in the International Experience Canada (IEC) initiative involves two stages:

The IEC Application Process at a Glance

IEC Application through Kompass

After you read the description and the eligibility criteria for the IEC categories for your country/region follow the three-step process described below.

Step 1 – Create your IEC Kompass account

To create your Kompass account you need to register. Once you have registered, the Kompass system will send you an email with your account number and instructions on how to activate your account.

You can only create a Kompass account when IEC is open for your country. The creation of a Kompass account does not mean that you have been allocated a place in the quota. You must complete and submit the online application in order to receive a place. You will use your Kompass account to manage your IEC application process.

Do I need to open a new IEC account for 2014, or can I use the same account that I created to submit my application for 2013?

Step 2 – Prepare your required documents

Review the complete list of Required Documents for your country. Get scanned or electronic copies ready to submit.

Note: IEC may request that you submit additional documents during the assessment phase.

Step 3 – Complete and submit your IEC application

Log in to your Kompass account using your unique username and password.

The IEC application has several sections. You can save your work without submitting it.

You can submit your application only when you have completed all the required fields. Make sure you are happy with your answers, because after you submit your application you cannot change them.

Please Note:

You must enter your Family and Given Name(s), passport number and date of birth into your application, as shown in your passport. Any applications submitted on December 18th, 2013 or at a later date, will be refused if the names, passport number or date of birth do not match the information written in your passport. The date of birth must be entered in the format requested in the IEC form no matter what the format is in your passport.


IEC processes applications on a first-come, first-served basis. If you withdraw your application, you will lose your place in line.

  • If you resubmit your application, you will be at the end of the line.
  • If the quota is closed or there are no spaces available, you will not be able to re-submit.
  • If you have already paid, IEC will reimburse your fee.

When you have submitted your application, IEC will post a notification of submission letter in your Kompass account. The letter will appear in the “My Messages” section within 48 hours. This letter will confirm that IEC has received your application and you have a place under IEC. This letter will also give you more instructions on how to pay the fee and submit your required documents.

After you upload your documents and pay, your application is complete. IEC will then begin your eligibility assessment. If IEC receives your application after the quota is full, your Notice of Receipt will tell you that you have been put on a waiting list. IEC will post a notice in your Kompass account if space becomes available. Check your Kompass account regularly. When the quota is full and final, IEC will notify you that the category is closed and no more spaces are available.

If you meet the eligibility criteria to participate, IEC will post a Conditional Acceptance Letter in your Kompass account in “My Messages”. Please be advised that as of August 19th, 2014, Conditional Acceptance Letters will only be valid for 15 days. If the IEC determines that you do not meet the eligibility criteria to participate, IEC will post a letter of explanation in your Kompass account in “My Messages”.

Work permit application through MyCIC

The IEC Conditional Acceptance Letter will direct you to create a MyCIC account to begin your application for a work permit.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will assess your admissibility to Canada and eligibility for a work permit.

If the CIC assessment is positive:

  • CIC will post an IMM 5665 Port of Entry Letter of Introduction in your MyCIC account, not your IEC Kompass account.

If the CIC assessment is negative, CIC will post a letter in your MyCIC account. IEC will post a letter in your IEC Kompass account, explaining how to get a refund of your participation fees.

Be ready for the opening date. In some countries IEC is so popular that the entire quota is gone in less than 30 minutes. The best thing to do is be prepared before the opening.


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