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Canada-San Marino Relations

Bilateral relations:

The Republic of San Marino has a GDP of $1.44 billion, and a per capita income of $44,208. Official relations between Canada and the Republic of San Marino were first established in 1960, at the consular level. The two countries have maintained full diplomatic relations since 1997.  San Marino has a relatively small population (33,000) and area (61 sq. km.), with 4,800 foreign residents, most of whom are Italian citizens. Another 12,000 Sammarinese live abroad.  In 2011, a Tax Information Exchange agreement came into effect between Canada and San Marino, signalling the commitment of both countries to financial transparency. 


Canada is represented to San Marino by the Canadian Embassy in Rome.  The Deputy Permanent Representative at the San Marino Mission to the United Nations in New York, H.E. Damiano Beleffi, is cross-accredited as Ambassador for San Marino to Canada.

February 2016

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