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The Canadian Club of Rome

The Canadian Club of Rome, formerly the Canadian Women’s Association of Rome, was founded after World War II and designed to be a reference point for Canadian women living in Italy.

The Club, which now includes men among its membership, offers Canadians in Italy the opportunity to meet and network with other Canadians through a newsletter, historical tours of Rome, cultural outings, as well as dinners and events. The Club also strives to welcome newly-arrived Canadians to Italy, to give them a sense of belonging and to help ease their transition into their new culture, while providing long-standing members a means to maintain a link to Canada. The membership is diverse - Anglophone and Francophone, long-time residents and newcomers, professionals, independent business people and those who are now taking it easier in life, the young and... the not so young. The Club organizes events and activities that are sure to arouse the interest of all its members.

For more information, please write to the Canadian Club of Rome


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