Canada - Bahamas Relations

Canada - Bahamas Relations

Canada and The Bahamas enjoy a constructive and multifaceted relationship, based on a shared Commonwealth history and Canada’s Strategy for Engagement in the Americas. Canada and The Bahamas also work closely in multilateral forums such as the United Nations and the Organization of American States

The Bahamas benefits from Canadian partnerships to enhance their security through programs such as the Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP). For example, through partners such as INTERPOL, Canada is helping to enhance integration and sharing of intelligence and criminal analysis between law enforcement agencies in the region related to illicit drug trafficking. In January 2014, Canada and The Bahamas signed an agreement to share information and expertise related to correction services. This agreement facilitates collaboration in various areas such as correctional programs, security, evaluation and, training and development.

The Bahamas, a member of CARICOM, also benefits from Canada’s Caribbean Regional Development Program – a $600 million, twelve-year program announced in 2007. The three priority areas under which projects are developed include; sustainable economic development, justice sector reform and disaster mitigation. In particular, The Bahamas are included in regional projects to promote Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Economic Growth.

For more information on bilateral and multilateral programing visit Panorama.

Trade and Investment

With regard to Canada’s trade relationship with The Bahamas, two-way merchandise trade between Canada and the Bahamas in 2014 totaled $337.8 million dollars, an increase of almost  43 percent over 2013, making the Bahamas Canada’s sixth second largest trading partner in  the Caribbean, but fourth largest in CARICOM. The Bahamas was Canada’s second largest export market in the CARICOM in 2014, after Trinidad and Tobago. Canadian exports valued at $245.8 million dollars rose by almost 28% over 2013 levels. The majority of these exports were:  mineral fuels and oils ($212.8 million), prepared vegetables, fruits and nuts, furniture and bedding, milling products, pharmaceutical products and machinery.

In 2014 Canada imported merchandise valued at $92.0 million dollars from the Bahamas, representing an increase of 108.9% from 2013 levels. The most important products were mineral fuels ($67.2 million), organic chemicals ($26.8 million) salt, sulphur, fish and seafood.

Two way trade in services in 2013 (latest available data) was $306 million dollars with Canadian exports of $131 million dollars and imports of $175 million dollars. Canadian service providers, especially in education development and construction services, are making increasing inroads.

People to People Links

Canadian universities and colleges are a destination of choice for many Bahamian students, and partnerships have been formed between the College of The Bahamas and various Canadian institutions. Almost 70 Bahamian students have received Government of Canada scholarships since 2007. Information on available scholarships can be found on the Scholarships website.

The Bahamas receives over 100,000 Canadian tourists annually and has a large resident Canadian community. These interactions encourage ongoing positive relations between our two countries.

Official Representation

Canada established diplomatic relations with the Bahamas in 1973 after they achieved independence. The Bahamas is represented in Canada by the High Commission of the Bahamas in Ottawa.

Canada is represented in The Bahamas by the High Commission of Canada in Jamaica. Canadians in the Bahamas can access consular services at the Canadian Honorary Consulate located in Nassau.

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