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Toward a Renewed Canada Japan Partnership



In 1991, the Prime Ministers of Canada and Japan announced the establishment of a Canada Japan Forum, a non governmental eminent persons group mandated to develop a stronger and more effective bilateral partnership. The first Forum was co-chaired on the Canadian side by Peter Lougheed and on the Japanese side by Yoshio Okawara. A Follow-up Committee worked from 1993 and 1995, and the Forum was re-constituted in 1996 as a standing mechanism with new membership that continued until 2000. The Forum was renewed again in 2003.


(Canadian members)

  • Don Campbell
    Group President, CAE (Co chair)
    (Former Ambassador to Japan)
  • William J.S. Boyle
    CEO, Harbourfront Centre
  • Jonathan Manthorpe
    International Affairs Columnist, The Vancouver Sun
  • Lorna Marsden
    President, York University
  • Robert Ritchie
    President and CEO, Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Gerard Veilleux
    President, Power Communications Inc.

(Japanese members)

  • Peter Yoshiyasu Sato
    Advisor, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Co chair)
    (Former Ambassador to the People's Republic of China)
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino
    Director and Advisor, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Hiroshi Zaizen
    Corporate Advisor, Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Akira Kojima
    Chairman, Japan Center for Economic Research
    Special Editorial Adviser, Nihon Keizai Shinbun
  • Masayuki Yamauchi
    Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
  • Reiko Kuroda
    Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

Terms of Reference

1. The Government of Canada and the Government of Japan (The Governments) agree to establish a bi national panel, to be known as The Canada Japan forum (The Forum).

2. The Forum will consist of twelve members, six appointed by each government. One member of each national contingent will be designated by the appointing government as Co Chair of the Forum.

3. Members will normally be appointed for terms of three years, except that appointments made at the time the Forum is established may be for one or two years at the discretion of the appointing government. A member term may be renewed once for a three year period.

4. The forum is mandated to pursue the following activities, focusing its efforts as may be appropriate from time to time:

(a) to identify opportunities, gather ideas, promote understanding and stimulate enhanced Canada Japan cooperation in fields including but not limited to the following: peace and stability; promotion of trade, tourism and investment; industrial and scientific partnership; enhancement of cultural and educational exchanges; and collaboration on global challenges such as development and environmental protection.

(b) to support and encourage concrete cooperation and collaboration in appropriate areas between non governmental sectors in Canada and Japan, including but not limited to the business, academic, cultural and media sectors.

(c) to facilitate contact and promote cooperation between groups in various regions of Canada and Japan active in bilateral programs, including but not limited to provincial and municipal twinnings, business organizations, Canada Japan associations and Canadian/Japanese studies programs.

(d) to encourage both expert study and public awareness of important issues in Canada Japan relations, through the holding of seminars and other means.

5. The forum will hold one formal session (the annual meeting) in each fiscal year, alternately in Canada and Japan based on an agenda to be agreed in advance by the Co Chairs. Other full or partial meetings of the Forum or its individual national contingents may also be called by the Co Chairs, financial considerations permitting.

6. The Co Chairs may each elect to invite an appropriate participant to sit with the Forum at a given annual meeting, to provide expert advice on specific items of interest.

7. The Co Chairs will provide to the Governments an annual report on the Forum substantive activities and findings for the previous fiscal year. This report will normally be made public.

8. Financial arrangements:

(a) the Governments will separately provide sufficient financial resources to their respective national contingents to fund at a minimum the annual meeting (including participation by the experts noted in item 6 above) and the preparation and distribution of the annual report.

(b) national contingents, after consultation with respective Governments, may choose to seek funding from, or establish cooperative relationships with other bodies, to organize additional activities.

(c) financial administration and reporting systems will be set for each national contingent by its respective Government.

9. The Governments will each establish a Secretariat to their respective national contingent, who will be responsible for the administration and financial management of the national contingent, under the general supervision of the pertinent Co chair. The official addresses of the Forum will be the addresses of the two national Secretariats.

10. The progress of the Forum will be reviewed at the appropriate times by the Governments.

11. The views expressed by the Forum or by its individual members on matters pertaining to the Forum mandate need not reflect, and should not be taken necessarily to reflect, those of the Governments on these matters.




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