Canada - Somalia Relations

Canada - Somalia Relations

Canada established diplomatic relations with Somalia in 1968.

In 1991, Canada suspended diplomatic relations with Somalia following the collapse of the Somali government.

In 2012, Canada resumed diplomatic relations following the establishment of the Federal Government of Somalia.

Canada and Somalia are linked by our strong people-to-people ties. Canada hosts one of the largest Somali diaspora communities in the world. Many Somali-Canadians have strong links to Somalia and some occupy senior positions in federal and regional governments in Somalia.

In 2017, goods traded between the two countries had a total value of $6.7 million.

Canada’s main exports to Somalia in 2017 consisted of vehicles and equipment, machinery, textiles products, plastics and rubber products, and specialized instruments.

Canada’s imports from Somalia in 2017 were valued at $300,000, and were made up of chemical products, vegetable products,vehicles and equipment, and machinery.

Canada continues to work with the international community to help Somalia stabilizeand rebuild. For example, Canada is supporting Somalia in its efforts to grow key economic bodies. The Government of Canada also aims to develop stable financial policies for the International Monetary Fund’s Somalia Trust Fund.

Since 2015, Canada has committed more than $4 million in funding to counter-terrorism efforts in Somalia and East Africa. A large part of this commitment is to address the threat of terrorist groups, including al-shabaab. Such projects have focused on security-sector building, including training police and security officials, as well as preventing and countering violent extremism.

Canada is an important donor of humanitarian assistance in Somalia. Canada aims to respond to Somalia’s needs from the impact of decades of conflict and insecurity as well as chronic natural disasters, including drought and flooding. Canada’s humanitarian assistance passes through UN agencies and non-governmental organizations. The assistance helps Somalia’s most vulnerable provide life-saving relief that includes:

  • food
  • water and sanitation
  • medical and nutritional support
  • emergency shelter
  • protection

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