New or Replacement Passports for Adults

Application forms for new or replacement passports can either be downloaded and printed from the internet, collected from our office, or may be mailed to you.

  • If you would like to pick up the forms, the Consular section is located on the Ground Floor, Canadian High Commission, Limuru Road, Gigiri (en route to the UNEP Headquarters).
  • To download the PPT 040 Adult Passport Application (Abroad) | PDF * (358 KB)
  • Alternatively, if you would like to have the required form(s) mailed to you, please contact us by fax (+254 20 366 3900) or email ( and provide us with your name, full mailing address, and daytime contact telephone number and we will send the forms to you.

The normal processing time for new Canadian Passports issued abroad is 15 working days.

Canadian passports are issued for a maximum period of five years. There are no extensions beyond the five year validity and there is no "renewal" procedure as such. When your current passport has expired, or is within 6 to 9 months of expiring, or if all the visa pages are full, you should apply for a new passport as some countries require 6 months validity on your current passport before permitting you to enter. If you do not have upcoming plans for travel, you may submit an application for a new Canadian passport at any time allowing 15 working days for processing. Please submit the following to obtain a new passport:

Please note:

  • Passport application fees can be paid in Canadian Dollars, Kenyan Shillings or US Dollars. You may pay in cash (exact amount for Canadian or US Dollars please) or, in the case of KSH, by providing a Kenyan bankers cheque in KSH made out to the Canadian High Commission Nairobi. We do not accept personal cheques or credit cards. Please see the fee schedule for more information on fees.
  • If your current passport has been issued with less than 5 years validity and you wish to extend the validity period, do not complete the PPT 040 form noted above. A consular supplementary service of extension of the travel document's validity period (to the full five years from the passport's date of issue) is provided.

Applications may be submitted:

  • in person during the hours of 08:00 - 12:00 noon, Monday to Thursday & 08:00 - 10:30 Friday
  • registered mail or courier of your choice (please be sure to provide your local (Kenyan or East African / regional) contact details so we may reach you to clarify information about your application, if required).

We strongly recommend you fully complete the application and prepare your supporting documentation prior to visiting our office as incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

Applications should be submitted to the nearest passport issuing office in the country in which you are residing or visiting. If you are not physically in the jurisdiction of Kenya / Canadian High Commission - Nairobi, do not forward your application to our office for processing. Please contact the Canadian mission nearest you.

I do not have documentary proof of Canadian citizenship. What can I do?

If you do not have your proof of Canadian citizenship or if you have lost your proof of Canadian citizenship, you should have the document replaced as soon as possible and, if possible, defer your immediate travel plans. After you have submitted for a replacement of your proof of Canadian citizenship, if your travel plans cannot be deferred, you may submit a fully completed passport application along with all other supporting documentation as well as your proof of need for travel. Our passport examiners will assess your case and determine the necessity of issuing a limited validity passport to meet your travel needs. The validity of this short-term passport will depend on your travel plans. Please provide your proof of travel, itinerary or airline ticket, as supporting documentation to assess your case.

My passport was issued with less than 5 years validity. How can I extend it now?

If your current passport was issued with a validity of less than 5 years, you may not be required to complete the PPT 040 Adult Passport Application form or submit new photographs for a new passport to be issued. Please complete the Supplementary Services Record (PPT 209) available at the consular section and submit the required documents (which, unless otherwise advised, consists of just the documentary proof of citizenship) along with the fee for a possible extension of your passport.

In section 4, "Did you acquire citizenship of another country before February 15, 1977?" What does that mean?

Prior to enactment of the existing Citizenship Act, which became effective on February 15, 1977, it was possible to lose Canadian citizenship if you acquired citizenship of another country either by birth or through naturalization. At that time, there was no recognition of "dual citizenship." Therefore, you are required to answer this question in order to provide information on your current citizenship status.

For example: If you were born in Kenya in 1965 and you became a Canadian citizen in 1979, your answer to this question would be "Yes" and you would place a check mark in the box next to "By Birth." Your answer is "Yes" because at the time of your birth, you were not a Canadian citizen and you did not become a Canadian citizen until 1979. Therefore, you must have been a citizen of another country (territory) before February 15, 1977. The effective date of acquiring that citizenship would be "By Birth" (your birth date) if you assumed Kenya permanent residency by birth within the territory.

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