Ambassador David Angell presents credentials to Somali President

Ambassador David Angell presented his Credentials to Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud at a ceremony conducted at Villa Somalia in Mogadishu, Somalia on June 15. This makes him the first accredited Canadian Ambassador to Somalia in 24 years.  President Mohamud welcomed Canada’s renewed presence in Somalia and thanked the people of Canada for their generosity in accepting thousands of Somalis in the years following the collapse of the Somali state.

In his remarks, the Ambassador thanked the president for the warm welcome to Mogadishu noting that he would work to further the relations that exist between Canada and Somalia. He also mentioned the importance of Canada’s Somali Diaspora, noting that the community represented a bridge between the two countries.

Canada hosts one of the largest Somali diaspora communities in the world   – it is the most prominent African Diaspora group in Canada.  Many Somali-Canadians maintain strong links to Somalia and some have returned to occupy senior positions in federal and regional governments in Somalia.

Canada has worked closely with the international community in efforts to stabilize the country through support to the political process, peacebuilding and humanitarian relief.

Since December 2010, Canada has provided $135 million, including $37.75 million in 2013, to support the humanitarian operations of UN agencies and non-government organizations working in Somalia or supporting Somali refugees in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Canada’s humanitarian assistance provides life-saving relief, including food, water and sanitation, medical and nutritional support, shelter, and protection, to crisis-affected populations.