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Contact the Public and Cultural Affairs Section

Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs section is the contact point for all media, and Public Enquiries, regarding Canada, the department, and the embassy. It also provides information on statements, speeches, and press releases.

Cultural Affairs Section

The Cultural Affairs Section promotes Canadian cultural and artistic events and activities in Korea in partnership with other Canadian and Korean participants. This is accomplished in part by providing grant-aid to venues/artists presenting Canadian work in Korea, as well as assisting with logistical support, advice, marketing, and promotion of events. Given Korea's place as one of major cultural centre in Asia and in the world today, Canadian artists coming to Korea will also benefit from regional and international exposure and recognition. This will in turn lead to an increase in awareness of Canada throughout Korea and beyond.

Address, Telephone, Fax, E-mail

21, Jeongdong-gil (Jeong-dong), Jung-gu
Seoul, 100 - 120
South Korea 

Telephone: 822 3783 6000
Fax: 822 3783 6441


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