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Ambassador’s Message

Welcome to the Canadian Embassy in Libya!

David Sproule

Greetings from Tunisia, and welcome to website page of the Embassy of Canada to the State of Libya.  This page will provide you with information and links related to the services of the Embassy, as well as information on Canada’s multifaceted relationship with Libya.

I take up my post as Ambassador of Canada at a challenging time.  Canada closed its Embassy in Libya in July 2014 due to violence and insecurity, and has temporarily relocated its operations to Tunisia.  We will return to Tripoli when a secure and stable environment has been restored.

The year ahead will shape the political, social, and economic future of post-Revolution Libya.  The Embassy of Canada will do its part, in close partnership with Libya, with Libyans, and the international community to assist the transition process.  Canada shares the aspirations of Libyans for a free, secure and democratic Libya firmly anchored on the rule of law.

On this website, you will find useful information about Canada-Libya relations, including commercial cooperation, visa and immigration services, and development and stabilization assistance.

If you are a Canadian citizen resident in Libya, I would urge you to register with our consular section, to allow us to communicate important information and facilitate the delivery of consular services under these currently challenging conditions.

Canada, alongside its NATO Allies and other regional partners, was a leading supporter of the 2011 Revolution.  Since 2011, Canada has provided approximately $40 million in assistance to Libya, supporting capacity building, civil society development and engagement, humanitarian assistance, democratization, and disarmament, including the destruction of Libyan chemical weapon stockpiles.  Canada is also a leading partner in education for Libya.  Thousands of Libyans have benefitted from the Libya-North America scholarship program, administered by the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE), pursuing their education at world-class Canadian universities and colleges.

The current conflict has only reinforced Canada’s commitment to support Libya and the Libyan people.  We have been disturbed by the rise of violent extremism in Libya, and resolutely with Libyans in their opposition to terrorism.  Canada believes there is no military solution to the present conflict and will continue to support UNSMIL-led efforts to enable the formation of a government of national unity.  Only a united Libya can mobilize the political, social, economic and security resources required to defeat the scourge of terrorism and provide its citizens with a secure and prosperous future.

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and on Twitter, to receive the latest news about Canadian engagement in Libya.  In the coming days and weeks I will be reaching out to a wide range of Libyans, as well as our international community partners, and look forward to tackling the many common challenges we face in our joint efforts to bring peace and stability to Libya.

David Sproule
Ambassador of Canada to the State of Libya


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