Visiting, Working, Studying or Living in Canada

Visiting Canada

Citizens of some countries and territories do not require visas in order to visit Canada. Please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website to check if you require a visa to visit Canada. Note: This link also lists passport holders who DO NOT require a visa to visit Canada.

If you are travelling on a New Zealand passport you may stay in Canada for up to six months, as a tourist without requiring a visitor visa for entry. You must, however, fulfil the following requirements:

  • hold a passport that remains valid for your entire stay in Canada and to return to your country of residence when your trip is finished 
  • provide proof of return or on-going travel
  • provide proof of sufficient funds to support yourself and your family (if applicable) during your visit
  • be in good health
  • not have a criminal conviction
  • have no intention to work or study during your visit

Working, Studying or Living in Canada

Enquiries about work or study visas, or how to immigrate to Canada, are handled by the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney, Australia.  

Other than the International Experience Canada - Working Holiday for New Zealand passport holders, the High Commission of Canada in Wellington and Consulate and Trade Office in Auckland CAN NOT provide information about Canadian visas or immigration.   

For information and application forms please visit the Visa and Immigration area of the Consulate General's website, or contact their Immigration Section


If you have a criminal or traffic conviction in any country, or if you have a current charge pending for a criminal or traffic offence in any country, you need to have an assessment of your admissibility reviewed by an Immigration Officer at the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney. Click here for further information.