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Want to get started on your work holiday in Canada? We’d like to help.

  • Communicate with us directly through this online form. Use this form to ask questions about IEC, Kompass, or to report technical difficulties.

    Please review the website carefully before sending us questions. Because of the large volume of enquiries we receive, we can reply only if the answer is not already on the website.

  • If you have a World Tracking Number (WTN) and an IEC Kompass account, use the My Messages function in the IEC Kompass account to contact IEC.

  • International Experience Canada is unable to respond to questions about immigration, visas or assessments using MyCIC. To communicate with the immigration service visit their website at or visit CIC IEC FAQ.

  • Please note: You must communicate in either English or French when using Kompass or MyCIC as your messages may be answered by any of our offices around the world.

Check our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions!


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