Canada - Equatorial Guinea Relations

Canada - Equatorial Guinea Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Canada established diplomatic relations with Equatorial Guinea in 1968, when the country achieved independence. Bilateral relations between the two countries are modest. Since Equatorial Guinea adopted French as a second national language in 1989, the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie has become the main forum for cooperation between the two countries.

Canada continues to encourage Equatorial Guinea to establish the rule of law and uphold due process, democratic principles, freedom of expression and protection of human rights. Canada also encourages Equatorial Guinea to cooperation with international financial institutions so that economic benefits from petroleum development are used to diversify the economy of the country and reduce poverty.

Canada in Equatorial Guinea

Canada is currently represented in Equatorial Guinea by the Canadian High Commission located in Abuja, Nigeria.

Equatorial Guinea in Canada

The Permanent Mission of Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations in New York serves as its Embassy to Canada.

Common Memberships

Trade and Investments

Trade Relations

In 2016, bilateral trade between Canada and Equatorial Guinea reached $60.4 M.

Equatorial Guinea’s Students in Canada

In 2016, seven Equatorial-Guinean students had a valid permit to study in Canada.

Development and Humanitarian Assistance

In 2015-2016, total Canadian aid disbursements reached $530,000. See Project Browser for additional information on programming in Equatorial Guinea.

Canada provides scholarships to Equatorial Guinea through the Canadian Francophonie Grants Program.

Other Relevant Information

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