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Defence Relations

The Canadian Defence Attaché (CDA) represents the interests of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the other countries to which he is cross-accredited.

The Defence Attaché liaises with the armed forces of his accredited countries, advises the Canadian Heads of Mission in all countries of accreditation on military matters and, reports to National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa on all matters of military and security interest in the region. Finally, he coordinates the military programs offered by the Government of Canada.


Canadian Defence Attaché: Colonel Guy Savard, CD

his assistant: Sergeant Liliane Pinet CD

Countries of Accreditation

The Canadian Defence Attaché to Nigeria (resident in Abidjan) is cross-accredited to the following countries:

  • Republic of Cameroon;
  • Republic of Côte d'Ivoire;
  • Republic of Ghana;
  • Republic of Mali;
  • Republic of Senegal, and
  • Republic of Sierra Leone.

Contact Information

The Canadian Defence Attaché to Nigeria is resident in Dakar, Senegal, he or his assistant can be reached using the following methods

Telephone: 221 33 889 4763
Fax: 221 33 889 4725


The Military Training and Cooperation Programme (MTCP) is a key instrument of defence diplomacy that advances Canada's contribution to international peace and security. To receive further information on MTAP we recommend the following sites;

Additional Information

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To join the Canadian Forces, you MUST be a Canadian Citizen prior to submitting your application.

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