Frequently Asked Questions

Over two million Canadians live, work, or study abroad. It is important to be prepared and to expect the unexpected while abroad. Find out how to get help and how to help yourself here. For questions specifically regarding Canadians living/visiting in Norway please consult FAQ below.  

Passports and Citizenship

  • I have lost my passport, how do I proceed to apply for a new one?

You must report your passport stolen/lost at the local police station and submit this police report together with your complete passport application. In addition, you will also need to complete a form called PPTC 203 for the lost passport which you will find in the passport application form link.

Police reports must be in English

  • I have not been two years in Norway; hence I don’t have a guarantor. What do I do?

If you have lived less than two years in Norway, you fulfill the requirement to complete a Statutory declaration in lieu of guarantor, PPTC 132 (not available online). There is an additional fee if the Embassy signs this form for you (please see passport fees). Please contact the Embassy for the form to be sent to you. If you are applying with a Simplified renewal form, you do not need a guarantor.

NEW: Canadian adults and holders of full validity passports may be guarantors, if they have known the applicant for more than 2 years.

  • I need a passport renewal, but have no proof of Canadian citizenship.

If you have lost your proof of Canadian citizenship, you should either apply for a replacement for your birth certificate (through the province you were born) or for a citizenship certificate (through the Embassy). If you need to urgently travel, you might be eligible for a limited validity passport (valid for two years.)

  • I have a newborn baby that has no proof of Canadian citizenship. Can we still apply for a passport for the child, as the parent(s) is (are) Canadian(s)?

In the case where both parents are Canadians, the child can obtain a limited validity passport for two years. But, the application for Canadian citizenship needs to be submitted at the same time, as well as proof of travel or need for residency requirement. In a case where the child is also Norwegian, a Norwegian passport should be acquired until the Canadian citizenship certificate arrives and an application for a full validity Canadian passport for the child can be submitted.

  • Where can I have my photos taken?

You may go to any photographer of your choice to have your passport photographs taken: Elite Foto, Japan Photo, Sturlason AS Polyfoto (in Oslo), or others.

Please show the appropriate size specifications according to the Canadian passport photo specifications listed in the application instructions.

  • How can I pay for my new passport? May I pay in cash or credit card?

The Embassy only accepts direct deposits or payments by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only). Please use the credit card authorization form when using a credit card and mailing your application. If you are applying in person, we will make the credit card transaction on-site.

For Direct deposits, our bank account is Embassy of Canada, 0244 Oslo: 6034.05.41572.

We do not accept cash.

  • My passport is getting full. Is it possible to get more pages added to it?

Additional pages cannot be added to an existing passport. A new passport will be required, regardless of the expiry date of the full one.

  • May I drop off my application in person or may I send it by mail?

You are welcome to drop off your passport application in person at the Embassy during our office hours, 08:30 – 12:30 Monday–Friday. You may also send your application by mail to: Embassy of Canada, 0244 Oslo, Attn: Consular Section. We recommend that you use registered mail.

  • How do I obtain a passport in my married name or in my new legally changed name? 

To obtain a passport in your newly married name, a new application must be submitted, along with your marriage certificate. The original should be submitted or a certified copy. If your new name does not show on your marriage certificate, we will also need a name change certificate issued from the government. In addition, we will require a government-issued identification that supports your married name and signature. The year of your marriage and the surname of your spouse must be included on the application form in the Personal Information section.

If your current or expired passport already displays your married name, you need not send your marriage certificate. However the following requirements must still be met to complete the application process: include the year of marriage and the surname of your spouse on the application form in the Personal Information section; submit identification that supports your married name and signature.

Please note that the Canadian passport will not be the 1st document issued in your married name. Also please bear in mind that a Canadian birth certificate, a Canadian citizenship card or a marriage certificate is not acceptable as supporting document. A supporting document confirms that you are currently using the application name and signature in your everyday life.

NEW: As of October 20th, 2014, a new policy requires that applicants who have legally changed their name must obtain an amended proof of citizenship showing their new name before applying for a passport in this new name.

There are a few exceptions. A minor variation in the given name(s) is acceptable. A relationship surname is also acceptable as long as a marriage certificate is submitted, supporting the name requested. And the name requested corresponds exactly to the name on the supporting ID.

This does not apply to the Simplified renewal applications, only regular application forms.


  • I’m a Canadian citizen and would like to get married in Norway. How do I proceed?

The Norwegian authorities will require for anyone getting married in Norway to provide them with a statement showing that he/she is free to marry and that there is no impediment to this marriage. Canada does not require such a certificate; therefore the Embassy cannot provide it. However, we can provide a "Statement in lieu of a non-impediment to marriage certificate" instead. This certificate is offered to all Canadians living in Norway. To issue this certificate we will require a proof of Canadian citizenship and a fee payable to the Embassy’s account: 6034.05.41572. Please contact the Embassy for price information. This process may take 2-3 days once we receive the above.

If a Canadian is a visitor in Norway, he/she should get a "Marriage search" certificate from their province and a Statement in lieu of Non-Impediment to marriage from DFATD (not from the Embassy).

Notary services

  • I need certified copies of some documents. Can the Embassy help me?

Yes, we make certified copies of most Canadian original documents. There is a fee per signature payable to the Embassy of Canada, 0244 Oslo: 6034.05.41572. Please contact the Embassy for price information.

There is no fee required for documents certified for Canadian pension applications.

  • I need my Canadian documents authenticated to be used in Norway 

The Norwegian authorities require that foreign documents be authenticated by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs legal section in Canada, therefore the embassy may not offer this service. Please visit the following link for the information on how to proceed:


  • I need to have some documents translated. Can the Embassy help me?

The Embassy does not have a translation service, therefore we recommend that you use a Norwegian State authorized translator found in the Norwegian yellow pages.

Visa and immigration

  • How can I apply for a visa to enter Canada?

We regret to inform you that the Embassy of Canada to Norway does not have an immigration section nor a visa section. Canada's High Commission to the United Kingdom handles all of these matters for Norwegian residents. Please refer to the following web-sites for the information you require:

Please be advised that the processing time for tourist visa applications sent from Norway to London is 4-6 weeks.

  • I have a valid Norwegian Oppholdstillatelse or Arbeidstillatelse in my expiring (or expired) Canadian passport. I need a new passport. What will happen to the Oppholdstillatelse or Arbeidstillatelse when I get my new Canadian passport?

The Embassy does not touch valid visas or permits in the passports. Your old passport is cancelled (cut off the corners), however you must submit it together with your new passport to your police station / UDI to get a new residence permit.