Canadian Community in Norway

Several groups make up the Canadian community in Norway. The first club to be established was the Canadian Women’s Club back in 1958. In 2007 it merged with the Canadian Club of Norway (CCN), which was established in 1991, and took the name of the latter. The Canadian Alumni Club of Norway established in 1991, consisting of alumni of Canadian education institutions, and has now become a chapter of the Canadian Norwegian Business Association (CNBA). The Canadian Club of Western Norway was formed in 2001. These groups work in conjunction with the Embassy to arrange Canada Day celebrations in Oslo and Bergen, as well as various other events throughout the year.

More about Canadian clubs in Norway:

Canadian Club of Norway (CCN) is a social club that was established in 1991 for Canadians living in Norway, their families, and anyone who considers him/herself a friend of Canada. The club’s members and activities are largely concentrated in the Oslo region. In October 2007, CCN merged with the Canadian Women’s Club (CWC), which dates back to 1958. The unified club is celebrating the 50th anniversary with a dinner and dance in April 2008. CCN’s activities now include monthly socials/pub nights, annual golf and ski weekends, an information evening hosted by the Ambassador, a Halloween party, and a Christmas dinner. Not least, CCN also plays a central role in organizing the annual Canada Day picnic at the Official Residence in Oslo. The annual membership fee is NOK 150 for families, NOK 100 for individuals. For more information, contact:

Janette Fjeldstad, President (67 53 62 54)
Gabriele Haddrath, Vice-President/Secretary (67 58 05 42)
Mary Martin, Treasurer (33 77 86 42)
Jesslyn Feginn, Newsletter Editor (67 55 09 95)

The Canadian Norwegian Business Association (CNBA)

The objectives of the CNBA are:

  1. Raising awareness of Canada and Norway as:
    • source of business partners
    • sites for investment
    • accessible markets
    • sources of new products
  2. Supporting Canadian and Norwegian companies through:
    • information on new initiatives
    • providing a forum for exchange of experiences
  3. Arranging events bringing Canadian & Norwegian companies & individuals together
    • partnering events
    • presentations/business briefings
    • cultural and social events

For upcoming events and more information, see the CNBA website or email Alanna Zulkifli at

The Canadian Alumni Club of Norway

The Canadian Alumni Club of Norway (CACN) was officially re-launched in March 2005. The CACN will operate under the umbrella of the Canadian Norwegian Business Association (CNBA), giving members access to all CNBA business networking events in addition to CACN’s social events. The CACN’s website contains information about membership, events, and news in Canadian education.

The Canadian Club of Western Norway

The Canadian Club of Western Norway was established in Bergen in 2001 as a focal point for Canadian activities here. The club is a nonprofit organization with a board of directors composed of volunteers.