***The completion of this checklist is strongly recommended, but not mandatory for a smooth and efficient passport application process***

Canadian Passport checklist:

checklist icon Appropriate application form completely filled out.

checklist icon Two photographs according to the required specifications.

checklist icon Signature well within the green box of the application as well as on every page of the application.

checklist icon Acceptable guarantor's statement and signature according to the passport instructions enclosed completed on the application and on the reverse of only one photograph (if applicable).

checklist icon Evidence of your original Canadian citizenship (Original Canadian birth certificate or Canadian citizenship certificate)(if applicable).

checklist icon Current passport to be cancelled.

checklist icon Two pieces of additional support of identification (Canadian or Norwegian) (if applicable).

checklist icon Fee prepaid by direct deposit or by credit card authorization form.

I have fully read the Embassy's instructions, as well as the passport application's instructions.



*** To be returned with the passport application ***