From the Classroom to the Nobel: Inspiring Educational Excellence in Peru

A display of Munro’s novels in Spanish and information on Canadian educational opportunities.

Ambassador Patricia Fortier with the Peruvian Minister of Labour, Nancy Laos and Camille Pomerleau, Director of Development at the Embassy.

Ambassador Fortier and Deputy Minister of Institutional Management at the Ministry of Education , Fernando Bolaños.

When Alice Munro won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature, the eyes of the world turned to Canada.

In Peru, a country with rich literary traditions and home to the most recent Spanish-speaking Nobel Laureate in Literature, Munro’s achievement cast a spotlight on Canadian literary excellence.

While the Embassy of Canada to Sweden celebrated the Nobel award ceremony in Stockholm, the Embassy in Lima hosted a celebration of Munro’s achievement to showcase Canada as a world-class destination for education. 

The Peruvian government is working to bolster its education sector so that it can diversify the economy in the coming years. Modernising the education sector is a priority in Peru’s plan to foster sustainable socio-economic development.

With this in mind, Canada is actively supporting education in Peru through a series of projects that are strengthening vocational training, education sector management and bilingual and child education programmes.

At the Alice Munro reception, Peruvian guests were encouraged to study in Canada by applying for scholarships through the Canadian government’s Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program and the Peruvian governments’ Presidente de la República scholarship program.

Canada invests strongly in its students from the first day they step into the classroom. As a result, Canada has become one of the world’s four top destinations for international students.

This year over one thousand potential students attended an education fair organized by the Embassy in Lima, eager to find out more about educational opportunities in Canada. 

Canada and Peru share a common understanding about the importance of education and innovation.” - Ambassador Patricia Fortier

Today, Peru is increasingly focusing on promoting research in science and technology and technical training, areas in which Canada can be a strong partner.

Canada’s leadership in education will keep inspiring and opening many bright possibilities for students all over Peru.