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Canada and Peru united to promote transparency in the extractive sector

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Canadian Ambassador, Patricia Fortier and Minister of Energy and Mines, Jorge Merino together with private sector, civil society and regional government representatives at the launch of the G8 Partnership to Support Transparency in the Extractive Sector.

In November 2013, the Canadian Embassy and Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru launched The G8 Partnership to Support Transparency in the Extractives Sector. This initiative is part of a joint effort between G8 countries and 15 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to improve transparency in the management of natural resources sector around the world.

The Partnership aims to improve the standard of living of communities living near mining and oil extraction operations and to promote a more responsible and sustainable extractive industry in Peru. To that end, the Partnership aims to strengthen the capacity of municipalities and regional governments to manage mining royalties in a transparent and responsible way, and to foster a constructive dialogue between the State, communities, the private sector and civil society.  During the official launch of the Partnership, Peru’s Minister of Energy and Mines, Jorge Merino, underscored that these efforts will enhance dialogue across all sectors, “because we have a common goal: development, and especially, the fight against poverty”.

The G8 Partnership to Support Transparency in the Extractives Sector in Peru is part of the ongoing commitment of the Government of Canada to promote sustainable development and transparent and responsible practices in the extractive sector. Canadian Ambassador Patricia Fortier highlighted that: “The objective of the new G8 Partnership is to support the efforts of the Peruvian government to promote transparency, eco-efficiency and dialogue in the extractive sector. Today, more than ever, Canada and Peru are strategic partners. In fact, in this globalized and interdependent world, we can even say that we are neighbours working closely together for the benefit of Peruvians and Canadians”.

Canada and Peru developed the action plan for the Partnership through a series of consultations with more than 70 public, private and civil society institutions. A consultative group will lead and evaluate the implementation of the action plan.

To learn more about Canada’s support for responsible resource management in Peru, please visit the websites of the Canadian Prime Minister and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.


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