Frequently Asked Questions

Passports and Citizenship:

I do not have documentary proof of Canadian citizenship. What can I do?

If you do not have your proof of Canadian citizenship or if you have lost your proof of Canadian citizenship, you should have the document replaced as soon as possible and, if possible, defer your immediate travel plans. After you have applied for a replacement of your proof of Canadian citizenship and if your travel plans cannot be deferred, you may submit a fully completed passport application along with all other supporting documentation as well as your proof of need for travel. Our passport examiners will assess your case and determine the necessity of issuing a limited validity passport to meet your travel needs. Limited validity passports cannot be extended. Please provide your proof of travel such as a confirmed and paid itinerary or an airline ticket, as supporting documentation to assess your case.

I have a valid passport. When can I apply for a new passport?

You can apply for a new passport up to 12 months before your current passport expires.

Please note that if you apply for a new passport before your current passport expires, the unused validity period of your current passport will not be transferred to your new passport.

Can the validity of my passport be extended?

As of February 1, 2010, extensions of passports are not permitted. Holders of a limited validity passport wishing to obtain a full validity passport will need to submit a new application with all the normal requirements.

Can I add more pages to my passport?

It is no longer possible to add pages to Canadian passports. An applicant who has a valid passport in which the visa pages have become filled with visas or entry-exit stamps must apply for a new passport.

Can I submit an application for processing in the Philippines if I am not physically there?

Passport applications should be submitted to the nearest passport issuing office in the country where you are residing or visiting. If you are not physically in the Philippines to submit or collect the passport, please do not forward your application to the Embassy of Canada Manila or the Consulate of Canada in Cebu.

Do I need to give written authorization for my representative to submit an application?

For in-person applications, the applicant’s personal appearance is required at least once during the process.

We can only accept passport applications submitted by relatives who can present a government-issued ID showing they reside at the same address as the applicant. In this case, there is no need for a written authorization to submit the application.

Please note that you will be required to collect the new passport in person if a representative submitted the passport application on your behalf.

How can I apply for a passport if I do not have an eligible guarantor?

A guarantor is required for each passport application whether it is your first application or whether you have previously been issued a Canadian passport. The guarantor is a vital component of your application process as they certify the information on your application is true as well as verify your likeness on the photograph to be placed in the new passport. Essentially, the guarantor is a requirement, not an option.

However, if you have not lived in the Philippines for a minimum period of two years, it is reasonable that you will not be able to find a guarantor in the jurisdiction who will have known you for at least two years. As such, please contact the Consular Section to obtain the PPT 132 form, “Statutory Declaration in Lieu of a Guarantor.” This form cannot be downloaded from the internet and must be submitted in original format.

The statutory declaration may be notarized in our office for an additional fee.

The PPT 132 Statutory Declaration in Lieu of a Guarantor requires substantial background information. You are advised to fully complete the form before presenting your documents to our office but do not sign the form until you read the oath in front of the notary public or Commissioner for Oaths. In addition to your personal details, you will need to provide your residential addresses for the past 5 years, where you have been working or studying for the past 5 years, and also supply the names of two people who have known you for two years or more and are not your relatives to act as references. Your two references do not need to reside in the Philippines but must be available by phone to verify your details. We are required to check both references before a new passport can be issued to you.

How long does it take to process my passport application?

Passport applications are processed according to the Passport Office standard of 15 working days. There is no standard expedited service available outside of Canada. Emergency cases are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If you are requesting emergency rush processing of your application, please present your fully completed application to our office in person and provide full details of your case. Please note we cannot assess your circumstances without examining your application and supporting documentation.

Can I request rush processing of my passport application?

The Embassy of Canada in Manila is not permitted to charge a fee for rush processing and is unable to expedite the issuance of a passport.

If you have a genuine emergency, please present your fully completed application to our office in person and provide full details of your case. Please note we cannot assess your circumstances without examining your application and supporting documentation. We will only consider emergency services on a case-by-case basis.

Can I travel to Canada using my Canadian citizenship card and a passport issued from another country (ex. Philippine passport)?

Absolutely not. Most airlines will not carry a passenger who only presents a passport from a country which normally requires a Canadian visa to facilitate entry to Canada. A passport is the only reliable and universally accepted identification document. It proves that you have a right to return to Canada. Further information on Returning to Canada is available on the website,

Where can I have my photos taken?

The Embassy of Canada in Manila does not designate or appoint any photographer to produce Canadian passport photographs. Passport photos are available at most photo studios in the Philippines. Please present our photo specifications to the photographer and request that they produce photographs that meet the size and quality as noted.

Please do not approach a photographer and ask for “Canadian passport photos” as photo studios may not be familiar with “Canadian passport photos” as such. However, if they are presented with the actual photo specifications, most often, they will be able to meet our requirements. - PDF Version * (75 KB)

Please note that photos which do not meet our specifications are not acceptable. Photos subject to premature fading or are sensitive to heat, ie., most instant photos from instant photo booths, will be rejected. Group photos will be rejected.

How can I replace a damaged passport?

If you have damaged or destroyed your Canadian passport, please submit what remains of your passport along with a fully completed passport application (including supporting documentation and fees) to our office to process a replacement. You must include the form, PPTC 203 Statutory Declaration Concerning a Lost, Stolen, Damaged, Destroyed, or Inaccessible Passport or Travel Document. - PDF Version * (169 KB) The statutory declaration must be notarized by a person authorized to administer oaths in all matters or in the jurisdiction in which it is subscribed (position and seal if applicable).

Will I be allowed to keep my damaged or destroyed passport?

No. The damaged or destroyed passport must be surrendered to the Embassy of Canada Manila.

Can I send someone to collect the passport on my behalf?

For applications submitted in-person, instructions for collecting new passports are indicated on the Passport Claim Slip just below the date and time when the new passport is ready. The instructions may vary depending on how complete your application is at the time of submission. Please refer to your Passport Claim Slip for details.

If the receipt indicates a tick mark in the “Authorized rep” box,the applicant may appoint a third party to collect the new passport and personal documents on their behalf. The authorization section of the receipt must be signed by the applicant showing the same signature as on the application form.

Can I have my new passport sent to another office for me to collect there?

No. If you cannot collect your passport from our office on the appointed date or within the 15 days thereafter, please contact our office to advise when you will be able to pick up the new passport. We will make arrangements to retain the passport in our office for a reasonable period of time to meet your needs.

Can I still use the valid visas in my cancelled passport?

Only the visa issuing authority can determine the validity of a visa in a cancelled passport. We would advise the bearer of the passport to contact the relevant foreign issuing authority for more information. Please be advised that visas are the sole responsibility of the passport bearer.

My passport has expired for some time. Can I still renew it?

If your passport has expired, you may submit an application to have a new passport issued to you. There is no time limit to submit for the new passport. Please follow the instructions on the application form and submit a normal application with all supporting documentation to the Embassy of Canada Manila for processing.

Am I able to travel using my expired passport?

Passports are only valid for travel before the expiry date. Once a passport has expired, you cannot use it. For your own convenience, please ensure your current passport is valid before you book your tickets for travel. Note that some countries require at least six months validity on a passport. Applications submitted to our office require 15 working days to process.

Am I able to travel using my Canadian citizenship card?

A Canadian citizenship card is your proof of Canadian citizenship. It is not a valid travel document and cannot be used for travel purposes. You are advised to always carry a valid Canadian passport when travelling.

Leaving a foreign country and re-entering Canada

Why do you recommend that Canadians ensure there are at least six or more months of validity remaining on their passports?

Many countries strictly enforce a rule prohibiting entry if the traveller is holding a passport that will expire within six months of the date of entry. We strongly urge Canadians to check with their travel agent, airline, or Embassy of the country they intend to visit to ensure their document is acceptable for entry otherwise the individual may experience financial loss as a result of cancelled travel plans.

Do I require six months of validity on my passport to travel back to Canada?

No. Canadians can use their passport to return to Canada provided the document is still valid.

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