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Visa and Immigration

Important announcement

Effective April 14, 2014, the Embassy of Canada in the Philippines will only accept visa applications submitted either on-line or through one of the Visa Application Centres (VACs) in the Philippines, Japan and Korea.


Visa Application Centres (VACs)

The VACs in the Philippines (Manila and Cebu), Japan (Tokyo) and Korea (Seoul) open and ready to accept applications!  Find out how to submit your temporary resident or permanent resident travel document application through the VACs in the Philippines, Japan or Korea. Visit the CIC website for more information on VACs.

Biometric Requirement

As of September 4, 2013, you may need to give your biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) when submitting an application for a visitor visa. This new requirement affects citizens from 29 countries and one territory.

You can give your biometrics at the VACs in the Philippines, Japan or Korea

Welcome to the Visa Section of the Embassy of Canada in Manila.

For information about going to Canada and to find out how to make an application at this office, please refer to our list of services below.

We provide these services to citizens of or persons legally admitted to these countries.

Please note that our Honorary Consulate in Cebu does not offer visa services.

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