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The Visa Section of the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw

Please read this information before contacting us in order to make your communication with our office more efficient

The Visa Section of the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw processes applications for temporary resident and permanent resident visas from citizens and residents of Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Citizens of Belarus require temporary resident visas in order to visit Canada.

Citizens of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland do not require temporary resident visas in order to visit Canada.

Citizens of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland require a work permitstudy permit or permanent resident visa in order to work, study (for a period of more than six months) or reside in Canada. 

Stateless persons residing in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland require a temporary resident visa in order to visit Canada.  The temporary resident visa requirement also applies to persons who are travelling on an alien’s passport issued by the government of Estonia (välismaalase pass), Latvia (nepilsoņa pase), Lithuania (kelionės dokumentas), Poland (dokument podróży) or any other government.

Address, fax, email

Canadian Embassy
Immigration Section
ul.Piekna 2/8
00-482 Warsaw
Fax: +48 22 584 3194
General enquiries:
Case specific enquiries

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Hours of Operation

The Visa Office of the Embassy is open to the public from Monday to Thursday, 08:30 to 12:00.

Kindly note that all persons entering the Visa Section premises must produce an identification document which features a photograph. Suitcases and large bags will not be allowed on the Visa Section premises.

The Visa Section is closed to the public on Fridays and on certain Canadian and Polish public holidays

Applications for temporary resident visas may be submitted as follows:

Persons residing in Poland may submit their applications in person.

Persons residing in Belarus may submit their applications in person or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Minsk located at the following address:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
National Centre for Marketing And Price Study
220004, Minsk, Pobediteley Ave, 7         
Tel: +375 17 226-81-02, 203-91-29, 203-07-78, 203-57-78

Persons who are residing outside of the above mentioned countries, who intend to visit Canada, may submit their applications at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw. Non-resident applicants who are required to attend an interview will be required to appear in person at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw. The Embassy will not assist non-resident applicants in obtaining visas to enter Poland.

Please visit the website of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Citizenship and Immigration Canada for information on the places of submission of permanent resident applications in the respective categories.

Persons who are not citizens of the above mentioned countries and who do not reside within the territories of these countries may not apply for permanent residence in Canada at the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw, but rather at the Canadian Embassy responsible for the country in which they reside.


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