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Celebrating Francophone Culture at the United Nations International School

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Ambassador Rishchynski, Ambassador Savadogo, and Junior School Principal Jaqueline Jenkins.

Ambassador Savadogo and Ambassador Rishchynski show students maps of the Francophonie.

Ambassador Rishchynski enjoys a maple leaf cookie.

Ambassador Rishchynski and Ambassador Savadogo read to a UNIS class.

Ambassador Rishchynski and Ambassador Savadogo read to a UNIS class.

French Canadian books donated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development to the United Nations International School library.

Ambassador Guillermo Rishchynski, Permanent Representative of Canada to the UN, and Ambassador Filipe Savadogo, Permanent Representative of the Francophonie to the UN, visited the United Nations International School to celebrate the French language and Francophone culture around the world.

UN committees aren’t the only places where people discuss how to improve the world. The two Ambassadors read a story to a fourth grade French class and discussed the students’ ideas on how to change the world for the better. Afterwards, both Ambassadors had the chance to enjoy delicious maple leaf cookies baked for the occasion.

The library also had a selection of French Canadian books on display, newly donated by the Government of Canada for the benefit of the school’s students.

The United Nations considers March the month of La Francophonie, with UN French Language Day coinciding with International Francophonie Day on March 20 each year.

Canada was one of the founding members of the Cultural and Technical Cooperation Agency, created in 1970, which later became the Intergovernmental Agency of La Francophonie, then the International Organization of La Francophonie in 2005.

Canada works with the 77 member governments of La Francophonie to further democratic development, respect human rights, strengthen the rule of law, promote peace and security, and reduce poverty for francophone communities around the world.


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