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Model United Nations (MUN) 

Model United Nations simulations provide over 200,000 students each year with an exceptional opportunity to take on the role of a diplomat. Students conduct research on a specific country, and through consultations with other students investigate a broad range of international issues. Through debate and negotiation, students from around the world develop their own solutions to world problems.

Students benefit from MUN simulations by:

  • Enhancing their knowledge of global challenges
  • Better understanding the perspectives of different countries on international issues
  • Experiencing first-hand the dynamic of international cooperation and negotiation
  • Engaging with thousands of students from around the world similarly interested in developing sustainable solutions to global challenges
  • Gaining valuable career advice and experience

MUN simulations have vaulted thousands of students towards careers in diplomacy and international development. Several staff members of the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations received their first taste of international relations at a MUN simulation and have never looked back since. The Permanent Mission of Canada to the UN is proud to facilitate briefings for students who are interested in knowing more about Canada’s positions at the UN and wish to receive information on the work of Canadian diplomats. Please contact us for more information.  

Below you’ll find some links that should be helpful to students and teachers participating in MUN simulations:



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