Canada - Romania Relations

Canada - Romania Relations

Canada and Romania enjoy positive bilateral relations, including as NATO allies, and through Canada’s engagement with the European Union, of which Romania has been a member since 2007. Our countries share membership in multilateral organizations including the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, la Francophonie, and the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.  In 2017, Canada and Romania celebrated 50 years of diplomatic relations. 

About 250,000 Canadian residents identify as being at least partly of Romanian origin.  Romanian migration to Canada came in three distinct waves:  In the early 19th century, along with many Ukrainians, mainly to the prairies; after WWII, mainly to Montreal; and, more recently, a new wave of highly-educated migrants, many of whom have settled in Greater Toronto.

The interaction of the Romanian communities in Canada with their country of origin continues to enhance our bilateral relations.  There is a Canada-Romania friendship group in the Canadian Parliament.

Canada and Romania have a number of bilateral agreements, including on foreign investment protection, avoidance of double taxation, social security, extradition, nuclear cooperation, and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

Canada and Romania enjoy mutually beneficial commercial relations, including through trade, investment, and cooperation on innovation, science and technology.  The Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement provides further opportunities to build a stronger bilateral economic relationship. 

Canada is represented in Romania at the Embassy of Canada in Bucharest. Romania is represented in Canada at The Embassy of Romania in Ottawa. Romania has consulates in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

June 2018