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Methods of payment

  • Credit : Credit card payments are processed through an online processing agent. Please complete the authorization form.
    The form must reflect the exact charges for services requested and be completed in Canadian dollars. Failure to complete the form in full or authorize the correct fees may result in delays to your application.
  • Bank draft: payable to "Embassy of Canada in Riyadh" (SAR)
  • Cash: Only for walk-in applications, and in case a credit card is not available (SAR)
  • Personal cheque: not accepted

*Administrative fees of $1.50 CAD per $50.00 CAD transaction will be charged separately by the processing agent and should not be included in the total amount authorized.

For more information, please visit the Passport Canada web site.

Passport Services
DescriptionCdn $ FeeSaudi Riyals SAR. Fee
Consular Service
Bahraini Dinar Fee
Consular Service
Omani Riyal Fee
Consular Service
Adult 10-year passport$260850 + 90 = 94085 + 9 = 9485 + 9 = 94
Adult 5-year passport (or less)$190600 + 90 = 69060 + 9 = 6960 + 9 = 69
Children's passport/$1003603636
Addition of a special stamp or observation (at applicant's request)$ 451601616
Citizenship Certificate Application$ 752702727
Certified true copy of part of a passport or other travel document (one to three copies$ 451601616
Replacement of a valid lost or stolen passport or other travel document (in addition to passport fee$ 451601616
Temporary passport (linked to regular passport application)$ 1104004040
Statutory Declaration Form$ 501801818
Retention of a valid passport (at Government of Canada offices abroad during processing of the application for a replacement passport)$ 451601616
Signature /declaration attestation$ 501801818
Certification of Copies$ 207077
MFA stamp attestation$ 501801818
Introduction Letter$ 501801818



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