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Application For A Temporary Resident Visa – Checklist

Embassy of Canada in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thank you for your interest in Canada. Please read the following carefully before submitting your application. Additional information is available on the visitor Instruction Guide (IMM 5256).

Properly completing the application and providing the complete documentation requested is the responsibility of the applicant. By doing so, the applicant increases his chances of receiving a favourable decision within our estimated processing times.

  • Any document not in English or French must be accompanied by a certified translation.
  • You must provide original documentation along with a photocopy of each document.
  • Any preparations you make, such as paying administration or tuition fees, are done entirely at your own risk.
  • Please feel free to provide any other additional documentation that will justify and support the purpose of your travelling to Canada.

Returning students with valid Student Permit for Canada: If there is no need to renew your Student Permit, you must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. In addition to all other requirements, make sure you also submit a copy and/or original of your valid Study Permit along with your complete academic record-transcripts from the school(s) you attended in Canada & an updated lette from the school you are attending, clearly stating that you are a registered student and of good standing. The fee for a multiple-entry visa is required.

Returning workers with valid Work Permit for Canada: In addition to the following requirements, make sure you also submit a copy and/or original of your valid Work Permit with an updated letter from your current employer confirming your employment. Multiple-entry visa fee is required.

You must submit the following items:

  • Please ensure you include a mobile, telephone, fax number and e-mail address on the application.
  • NOTE: Please complete the IMM 5257 form on your computer. Before you print the application form, click on a validate button. They are found at the top and the bottom of the application form. When submitting your completed and signed application form, be sure to include the last page (page 5 of 5) that will contain your data in barcodes.

If you are planning to travel to other countries while your visa is being processed, please submit, along with your application, a photocopy of the page(s) of your passport showing: your identity, photo and validity of your passport in addition to a cover letter explaining the reason why you are not submitting your passport, and the date you will send it, to allow for the completion of the application process. Please note that we will not send you a reminder.

We recommend that your passport be valid for a minimum of six months upon arrival at the Canadian Port of Entry.

We do not accept passports including more than one person. One passport per person required. Children must each have their own passport.

You may also submit any previous passports you have used in order to show your previous travel history.

  • Worker: please provide an employment letter stating position, salary, length of service & dates of contract, or proof of retirement income if applicable.
  • Self-employed: please provide a copy of your business/trade licence.
  • Student: please provide a letter of enrolment in your current school and your complete academic record with transcripts.
  • Other: please submit proof of your most recent occupation as either a worker or a student.

If an employer funded your travel, please provide company authorization/funding letter for your business visit to Canada. The letter should justify the reason of your business visit to Canada.

A detailed invitation letter from any Canadian firm(s) also justifying the reason of your visit.



If applicable, you must also submit:

  • A letter of consent from both parents along with a Custodianship Declaration.
  • A letter of consent from the other parent if travelling with one parent.


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