Canada and Guinea-Bissau Relations

Canada and Guinea-Bissau established diplomatic relations in 1975. The  Embassy of Canada in Dakar, Senegal, has been ensuring representation in Guinea-Bissau since 1976.

Canada strongly condemned the military coup in Guinea-Bissau on April 12, 2012, and closely monitors the situation in the country as it evolves in particular following the elections held in April and May 2014.

Canada has negligible trade relations with Guinea-Bissau. Trade reached $77,725 in 2013, of which $75,300 was Canadian exports and $2,425 was imports from Guinea-Bissau in 2013. Currently, Canada does not have any trade agreements in place with Guinea-Bissau.

In 2013-2014, the Canadian development assistance, estimated at $ 0.08 million for Guinea Bissau, targeted democratic governance and the involvement of civil society. The main Canadian partner involved in Guinea Bissau was Inter Pares. For more information on projects with Guinea, see DFATD’s Project Browser.

The Canadian Embassy funds small local initiatives aimed at promoting human rights and good governance via the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

November 2014

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