Canada - Senegal Relations

Canada - Senegal Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Canada and Senegal established diplomatic relations in 1962. Relations between the two countries are close and touch on a wide range of activities. Already considering Senegal an important and reliable partner, Canada takes measures to further develop its relations with this country, which acts as a reference regarding democratic governance and sustainable economic development measures in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Canada in Senegal

In Senegal, Canada is represented by the Embassy of Canada in Dakar.

Senegal in Canada                 

Senegal is represented in Canada by the Embassy of Senegal in Ottawa. Honorary Consuls are also present in Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver and Saint-Boniface.

Common Memberships

Trade and Investments

Trade Relations

In 2015, bilateral trade between Canada and Senegal totalled $42.6 million, including $34.2 million in exports and $8.4 million in imports. Canada’s commercial involvement in Senegal features a significant growth potential, including in the mining sector, agriculture, oil and gas. Agricultural and marine products, phosphate mining, oil refining and construction materials are the country’s main industrial sectors. Canadian companies are strategically important in other sectors, such as education (textbooks), agriculture, the industry and transport sectors, as well as in the fields of consultation and engineering. Many Canadian mining companies such as Teranga Gold and IAMGOLD are presently active in the country.

Trade Agreements

Senegal’s Students in Canada

In 2015, 1,314 Senegalese students had a valid permit to study in Canada.

Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Senegal is one of the Government of Canada’s 25 countries of focus for international development efforts. In 2014-2015, total Canadian aid disbursements reached $85.52 million. See Project Browser for additional information on programming in Senegal.

Canada’s main partners in Senegal in development aid are Canadian organisations (including Natural Resources Canada and Statistics Canada), private organisations (including CRC-SOGEMA and Desjardins International Development), civil society (including the Nutrition International, Colleges and Institutes Canada, Union des producteurs agricoles – développement international, CECI and SACO), Senegalese organisations (including Réseau Équitas Sénégal, IED Afrique, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development), and multilateral and international organisations to which Canada provides institutional support and funding for specific projects (including the World Food Programme, World Bank and Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria). 

Canadian Contribution to Peace and Security

Canada and Senegal work in close collaboration to promote peace and security in the region. The two countries participated in many peacekeeping initiatives. Senegal's Armed Forces (SAF) are involved in Canada’s Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP). In February 2016, 85 Canadian soldiers participated in Operation FLINTLOCK 2016, in Senegal, under the U.S. Africa Command’s lead. This annual capacity-building exercise for the fight against terrorism aims at improving African troops’ operational capacities.

Other Relevant Information

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