Canada and Serbia Organize Conference on Next Steps for Serbian Judicial Reforms


  ”Ambassador Morrison speaking at the Conference.
Ambassador Morrison speaking at the Conference.

Canada and Serbia recently organised a conference to determine next steps in Serbia’s National Judicial Reform. Issues discussed included reports on what has been achieved to date, what remains to be done and how to ensure the continued success of the reforms.

Canada has been present in the Balkans since 1990, actively supporting programs aimed at furthering peace, stability and prosperity. Canada has contributed $5 million toward supporting the Canada-Serbia Judicial Reform Project- a more recent initiative that aims to build a sustainable, effective judicial system that is accessible, transparent, impartial, independent and efficient.

In particular, the Canada-Serbia Judicial Reform Project has played an active role in the advancement of juvenile justice legislation, strengthened prosecutorial functions, contributed to enhanced independence of the judiciary, gender equality, higher standards in judicial training and improved efficiency and accessibility of services in Serbian courts.

“In the past 3 yeas, as a result of the Canada-Serbia Judicial Reform Project, we have improved capacity of justice sector institutions to employ innovative methods of providing justice and to ensure stronger participation of justice sector institutions in judicial policy making and reform.” – Canadian Ambassador Morrison

Canada’s role in the project involved technical expertise in comparative law and partnering with 17 expert institutions on judicial reform to develop a Serbian legal solution to the diverse problems of transition and European Union integration.

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