Consular Fee Schedule

Consular Section will stop accepting payments in SGD cash for Canadian Passport, Citizenship, notary and all consular services as of 1st July 2018. Payments can still be made via credit card (VISA or MasterCard; charged in CAD only) or CAD in cash.

Note: Please be advised that the credit card payment service is offered by NBX Logistics Services (NBX). NBX fee is independent from the amount payable to the Government of Canada (GoC); it will be shown as a separate transaction on the credit card statement. The non-refundable service fee is CAD1.50 per CAD 50.00 increment and is subject to change without notice.  

Starting 1st July 2018, payments in SGD currency must be made in the form of either Cashier’s Order or Direct Deposit at Citibank. We strongly encourage you to contact the Consular Section prior to making payments in Cashier’s Order or Direct Deposit.

A receipt will be provided every time you pay for a service.

Citizenship Application7580
Replacement of Citizenship Certificate7580
Renunciation of Citizenship100105
Certify true of original document2021
Certify true of Passport copy (by Passport Canada)4548
Letter issuance (less than 200 words)3032
Letter issuance (between 200 to 499 words)6064
Letter issuance (between 500 to 999 words)8085
Letter issuance (1,000 words or more)0.10 per word0.10 per word
Legalization or authentication of signature5055
Witnessing of signature - Administration of oath, etc5055
Consular Fees for Passport Services2526
5-year ePassport - Adult (Consular Fees inclusive)190200
10-year ePassport - Adult (Consular Fees inclusive)260275
Child’s ePassport (less than 16 years old)100105
Replacement of a valid lost or stolen passport4548
Retention of a valid passport4548
Temporary Passport110115
Temporary Passport exchange fee in Canada2021
Passport - Statutory Declaration in lieu of Guarantor5055
Emergency Travel Document (adult)7580

Credit Card Payment

  • Consular Section accepts credit card payments for passport, citizenship and consular services starting 1st April 2013.
  • Service fees of $1.50 per $50 increment will apply to each credit card transaction. This fee applies on the first dollar of each $50 increment as follows:
Consular/Passport/Citizenship Fees (CAD)Credit Card Service Fee (CAD)
$1 ~ $50$1.50
$51 ~ $100$3.00
$101 ~ $150$4.50
$151 ~ $200$6.00
$201 ~ $250$7.50
$251 ~ $300$9.00
$301 ~ $350$10.50
$351 ~ $400$12.00
$401 ~ $450$13.50
$451 ~ $500$15.00
$501 ~ $550$16.50
$551 ~ $600$18.00

Credit card payment service is offered by NBX Logistic Services (NBX). The service fee is independent from the amount payable to Government of Canada (GOC), it will be shown as a separate transaction on your card statement.

  • All fees paid by credit cards will be in Canadian dollars (CAD) and the cardholder will be charged in the currency of the credit card.
  • Only VISA or Master Card will be accepted.
  • Billing address of the credit card must be provided.
  • A single cardholder can pay for multiple applicants and services at the same time.