Canada - South Sudan Relations


Canada established diplomatic relations with the Republic of South Sudan following the latter’s independence on July 9, 2011. In South Sudan, Canada maintains an Embassy in Juba. In Canada, South Sudan is represented by its Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Canada supports regional and international mediation efforts towards a peaceful and sustainable resolution of conflict in South Sudan. Canadian government representatives have worked to support peace and development, including through humanitarian assistance, early recovery programming, peacekeeping and peace building, and diplomatic efforts to lay the foundation for sustainable development.

Canada is engaged at multiple levels in the country’s political process for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Canada currently sits on the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission, the principal oversight body established under the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic South Sudan.

Canada has been contributing to the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) since its outset in July 2011, to consolidate peace and security and help establish conditions for development. Since 2010, Canada has provided more than $28.6 million in security and stabilization support to South Sudan, including through the Peace and Stabilization Operations Program since 2016. Current projects in South Sudan are aimed at building political constituencies for a peaceful resolution of the crisis, and providing support for peacebuilding and mediation efforts.

International Assistance

In 2015-16, Canada’s international assistance to South Sudan through all channels totaled $97.9 million.

Canada’s development assistance to South Sudan focuses on improving access to quality health services that meet the needs of the most vulnerable - especially women and girls - and on reducing food insecurity. Canada’s humanitarian assistance is helping provide emergency food and nutrition, water and sanitation, healthcare, protection services and shelter for vulnerable conflict-affected populations.

For further information, please visit the Government of Canada – Canadian International Assistance in South Sudan webpage.

Commercial Relations

In 2016, two-way merchandise trade between Canada and South Sudan totaled $1.75 million, consisting of $1.75 million in exports to, and $2,500 in imports from, South Sudan. Canada's commercial footprint in South Sudan is modest, due in large part to ongoing concerns about political stability. In 2015, almost half of Canadian merchandise exports to South Sudan were aircraft parts, followed by pharmaceutical products, oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, and machinery and mechanical appliances. Imports from South Sudan were almost nonexistent.

Other Relevant Information

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