Changing Lives

Sergeant Tracey Coghlin with some of the girls of CCC
Staff Sergeant Clare Smart of the Calgary Police at CCC.
At the CCC orphanage.

Sergeant Tracey Coghlin of the Ontario Provincial Police and Staff Sergeant Clare Smart of the Calgary Police Service have recently returned to Canada from South Sudan where they spent their vacation helping street girls of Juba at the Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) orphanage. 

Tracey spent one year in South Sudan  in 2011 as part of the Canadian police contingent with the  United Nations Mission to South Sudan (UNMISS) and became involved on a voluntary basis with the non-governmental organization CCC.  CCC cares for approximately 30 street girls who have been victimized by sexual and physical abuse on the streets of Juba.  Many of the girls are orphaned or have been abandoned by their families.  

Meanwhile, Clare spent one year in Darfur on a separate United Nations Mission; the two ladies did not know each other during that time.   When Tracey ended her mission in January 2012, she vowed to return to South Sudan to help at CCC; she made her first return visit in November 2013, then connected with Clare.  The two spent a year raising funds in Canada, and made a joint visit to Juba in November 2014, staying at CCC for three weeks.  The pair assisted with duties on the compound involving the children (including basic first aid, helping with meals, laundry, and school work). 

Tracey and Clare travelled with donated goods for the girls, along with monetary donations.   Tracey has made CCC a personal priority and plans to return in 2015 for a longer period of time.