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March 31, 2014
Joint Statement on South Sudan

January 24, 2014
Canada Welcomes Ceasefire Agreement in South Sudan


13 July 2013
Baird Strongly Condemns Attack on UN Peacekeepers in South Darfur

9 July 2013
Canada Congratulates South Sudan on Second Year as Independent Nation

5 July 2013
Minister Fast Pledges to Grow Canada’s Economic Relationship with South Sudan (Flickr)

18 May 2013
Joint Statement on Ending Conflict in Jonglei State

10 April 2013
Canada Deplores Attack on Humanitarian Convoy in South Sudan

1 March 2013
Baird Condemns Continued Human Rights Abuses in Sudan


27 September 2012
Supporting Peoples of Sudan and South Sudan

4 August 2012
Canada Welcomes Sudan-South Sudan Oil Deal, Urges Continued Talks

9 July 2012
Canada Congratulates South Sudan on First Anniversary of Independence

29 June 2012
Canada Concerned by Crackdown on Protests in Sudan

22 April 2012
Canada Urges Respect for Minorities in Sudan

15 April 2012
Canada Urges End to Conflict Between Sudan and South Sudan

27 March 2012
Canada Condemns Cross-Border Incursions along Sudan-South Sudan Border


18 November 2011
Minister Oda announces new initiatives for Africa

16 August 2011
Minister Baird Concerned by Reported Human Rights Violations in South Kordofan, Sudan

9 July 2011
Canada Welcomes Independence of South Sudan

16 June 2011
Canada Concerned by Violence in South Kordofan, Sudan

23 May 2011
Canada Condemns Escalating Violence in Sudan's Abyei Region  (عربي)

18 March 2011
Canada Concerned by Renewed Violence and Ongoing Political Stalemate in Abyei

15 March 2011
G8 2011 - Meeting of Foreign Ministers (Chairman's Summary)

8 February 2011
Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the results of the Southern Sudan Referendum on Self-Determination

17 January 2011
Canada Welcomes Peaceful Conclusion of Voting in Southern Sudan Referendum

5 January 2011
Canada Regrets Sudan's Departure from Darfur Peace Talks  (عربي)


21 December 2010
Canada Encouraged by Armed Group's Return to Darfur Ceasefire Negotiations  (عربي)

22 November 2010
Canada Welcomes Start of Sudan Voter Registration  (عربي)

5 November 2010
Canada Concerned Over Reported Arrests of Darfur Human Rights Workers and Journalists  (عربي)

1 November 2010
Minister Oda Announces Global Health, Nutrition and Disease Prevention Initiatives

15 October 2010
Canada Urges Sudan to Focus on Preparations for Referenda  (عربي)

16 September 2010
Canada Expresses Concern Regarding Deteriorating Situation in Darfur  (عربي)

30 August 2010
Canada Welcomes Kenya's New Constitution

4 August 2010
Canada Welcomes Mandate Renewal of African Union-United Nations Hybrid Mission in Darfur  (عربي)

30 June 2010
Canada Welcomes Formation of Commission of South Sudan Referendum  (عربي)

26 June 2010
G8 Muskoka Declaration - Recovery and New Beginnings

5 May 2010
Canada Concerned over Breach of Ceasefire Agreement in Darfur  (عربي)

1 May 2010
Canada Welcomes Mandate Renewal of UN Mission in Sudan  (عربي)

19 April 2010
Canada's Statement on Sudanese Elections  (عربي)

9 April 2010
Canada Calls for Peaceful and Credible Elections in Sudan

30 March 2010
Canadian Chair’s Statement for the 2010 G8 Summit

18 March 2010
Canada Welcomes Signing of Framework Agreement Between Government of Sudan and Liberation and Justice Movement  (عربي)

3 March 2010
RCMP welcomes Calgary Police Service to international program

23 February 2010
Canada welcomes agreement between Sudan and Darfur armed group  (عربي)