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Canada-Mauritius Relations

Diplomatic relations and official representation

Diplomatic relations with Mauritius were established after the country’s independence in 1967. Canada is accredited to Mauritius through our High Commission in South Africa, with an Honorary Consulate in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Mauritius is represented in Canada by a High Commissioner resident in Washington, D.C. Mauritius also has Honorary Consuls in Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Bilateral relations

Canada and Mauritius have limited but positive bilateral relations, generally centered on interaction within the Commonwealth, La Francophonie, and the United Nations. The two countries share similar views on a number of multilateral issues as well as various foreign policy objectives related to the environment, including a desire to preserve and manage highly migratory fish stocks. A large number of young Mauritians also come to study in Canada each year.

Development assistance

With its relative prosperity, Mauritius is not a recipient of Canadian official development assistance. Mauritius, however, receives Canadian assistance through various regional and multilateral programs.


Trade between Canada and Mauritius is limited; in 2011, two-way trade totalled $15 million. Canadian exports to Mauritius consisted primarily of machinery, optical and medical equipment, newsprint and lentils and peas, while Canadian imports from Mauritius consisted primarily of woven and knit apparel. The bilateral trade balance has been in favour of Mauritius for several years.

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