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Visa and Immigration Processing Times

This page, which provides information on the average processing times of straightforward visa and immigration applications in Pretoria, applies only to persons who are permanently residing in or citizens of South Africa. In most cases where the applicant is not a permanent resident or citizen of South Africa, the processing time will be considerably longer due to the additional complexities of processing such cases.

Please note: these are approximate processing times only.

Applications Processed Outside of Canada

Non-Immigrant Visa

ApplicationNo medicals neededMedicals needed
Temporary Resident Visa10 working days10 to 12 weeks
Work Permit4 weeks4 months
Study Permit4 weeks 10 to 12 weeks

 Immigrant Visa

For more detailed information on processing times for all other categories of applications at Canadian visa sections, including the Pretoria visa section, please see the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

Medical Processing Times

All immigrants and their dependents must pass a medical examination. As well, all visitors, students and temporary employees intending to be in Canada for longer than six months must pass a medical examination. Following completion of the medical examination the examining physician is responsible for sending the results to the Immigration Medical Services in London, United Kingdom. There, a Canadian medical officer reviews the examination results and then advises us of the results. This advice may be either positive, negative or an indication that the medical officer requires further information.

Normally, we receive results from the medical officer within 10 to 12 weeks of the information being sent to London, United Kingdom. You will only be contacted regarding medical results if there is a negative result or a need for further tests.


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