Ambassador Kenneth Macartney

Message from the Ambassador

 On behalf of the Embassy of Canada to Sweden, I’m pleased to welcome you to our website. This site provides you with a window on Canada and I invite you to explore our many sources of information. Whether you have a general interest in learning more about Canada or are a Canadian citizen who wants to know about the services offered by our Embassy, this site will help you in your search. Our site covers a wide range of topics, from living and studying in Canada to trade and investment opportunities and facts about Canada. We also continuously post information on topical events featuring Canada or Canadians.

Canada and Sweden share a rich historical and contemporary relationship, established when Swedish immigrants first settled in Canada and developed and strengthened through decades of strong political and commercial relations. The like-minded values of Canadians and Swedes are reflected in our continued commitment in areas such as free trade, promotion of human rights, and environmental protection. As both Canada and Sweden are Arctic countries and founding members of the Arctic Council, we collaborate to promote circumpolar cooperation in the Arctic region. With Canada having taken over the chairmanship of the Arctic Council from Sweden in May 2013, the Arctic forms an important part of our cooperation.

Sweden, like Canada, is a highly industrialized and technologically advanced country and is one of Canada’s most important sources of foreign investment in Europe. Our two countries enjoy a strong and healthy commercial relationship with significant trade flows and two-way investment levels. We also have a growing collaboration in research and development, facilitated by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Science and Technology signed in 2010.

We strive to keep our website up-to-date in order to serve as a useful tool to discover Canada. It is my hope that you will visit this site often, and we look forward to further developing the solid Swedish-Canadian ties!


Kenneth Macartney

Ambassador - Kenneth Macartney