The ongoing campaign of violent repression against the Syrian people makes it tragically clear that Bashar Al Assad will not voluntarily relinquish power.

Increased pressure from the international community is required to help end the violence and ensure that the Syrian people can enjoy their democratic rights. Therefore, Canada has imposed 11 rounds of economic sanctions against the Assad regime and its supporters since May 24, 2011.

These sanctions help prevent the Syrian government from purchasing weapons or supplies that contribute to their violent crackdown and keep regime supporters from benefiting from their corrupt financial exploitation of the Syrian economy.

Canada’s sanctions are not directed against the Syrian people. They specifically target 176 individuals and 49 entities that support the Assad regime. In addition, we are working closely with our allies and the Friends of the Syrian People to increase the pressure on Assad to end the violence by strengthening and broadening international sanctions.

Finally, we continue to urge the UN Security Council to immediately impose binding international sanctions and an arms embargo in order to hasten the resolution of the crisis and put an end to the suffering of the Syrian people.

Documents and statements about the imposed sanctions.