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Mail Service

The Embassy of Canada in Bangkok advises that Mail services and “poste restante” will no longer be offered.

In order to enhance our security measures and to ensure the safety of staff and visitors to the Embassy of Canada, the Embassy will no longer accept mail of any sort or form destined for Canadians residing in Thailand.

This service was provided in order to facilitate mail exchange for Canadians in countries where the mail system was deemed to be unreliable and when security was of a lesser concern. The consular bureau has determined that it is no longer necessary nor safe to provide such a service; the local Thai mail services are reliable while at the same time, the global terrorist threat has increased.

Please note that the Thai Postal services offer “poste restante."  Please enquire at your local post office for details, or see: Thailand Post (In Thai only)

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Consular Section
Embassy of Canada


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