If you wish to adopt in Tunisia, you can obtain information on immigration process in Canada by consulting the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

You should also contact the Institut National de Protection de L’Enfance, Bureau de l’Adoption et de Placement Familial, 2010 Manouba - Tunis, Tel: (216) 71-606-936,
fax: (216) 71-606-888.

It is to be noted that the adoption process requires several months to identify a child, adopt and finalize the process with the local agency in Tunisia.

The immigration process may take several weeks or months to finalize the sponsorship processed by the Embassy of Canada in Paris.

It is not possible for a child to be identified, legally adopted and accompany his adoptive parents to Canada during the same week.

Before contacting the Embassy of Canada in Tunis, you have to wait for the final decision from the Embassy of Canada in Paris, that handles immigration files.