We recommend that any Canadian citizen wishing to get married in Tunisia first find out from the appropriate Tunisian authorities (municipalities or lawyers) about the procedures to follow, the documents required in the process and any applicable fees.

It is also important to verify the applicable legal and religious obligations that are part of this process. Note that if a Canadian men wishes to enter into marriage in Tunisia, it is mandatory that he first convert to Islam. We remind you that the Canadian Embassy cannot perform weddings on its premises and that the only way to get married in Tunisia to a Muslim Tunisian citizen is to enter into an Islamic marriage.

The Tunisian authorities will ask you to submit is a certificate stating there are no impediments to your marriage "Certificat de non-emplacement". As this document is not required by Canadian Law, a Declaration in lieu of a Certificat de non-emplacement will be issued. This certificate must be issued by the Canadian Embassy in Tunisia, located in Tunis during the consular service hours to clients. Fees in the amount of $50 apply. You will have to present your Canadian passport and provide the name, date and place of birth of the person you intend to marry.

For general information visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade website.

if you wish to register your marriage in Canada, we recommend you to contact your provincial vital statistics office for more information.