Passport services

Consular Services Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday
8:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Passport Request

The processing time of a passport is 30 business days, however, it may be longer during busy periods. We recommend applying for a passport at the Embassy well in advance of any travel.

The passport applications, Passport application for Canadians 16 years of age or over (for use abroad), ppt040 or Child passport application for Canadians under 16 years of age (for use abroad), ppt 042, are available at the Embassy or through Passport Canada Web site: To assure a quality service and for security reasons, we require that you apply at the Embassy in person.

Since July 23, 2012, you can use the simplified passport renewal for adults, if you meet the requirements. You can find the information on the Embassy website: at the page Living/Travelling in Tunisia.

Passport Application for a Child

  1. We highly recommend that both parents be present at the Embassy when applying for a child passport.  Valid original ID with signatures of both parents are required.  If the child does not possess a valid Canadian passport, it is recommended that another valid official document of identity be submitted.
  2. If a child has a citizenship card, the birth certificate with the name of both parents is also required.


Please make sure that the signature of the applicant and guarantor does not exceed the white inner limits of the signature box, otherwise the application will not be processed.

It is essential that you read the instructions in the General information document given with the application and submit all documents required:

  • 2 pictures as per new specifications, one of which should be signed by the guarantor on the back.  Pictures that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted. See “notice to photographers - changes to photo specifications” and the list of photographers suggested by the Embassy.  Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the pictures taken by the photograph meet the requirements;

  • The citizenship card or birth certificate from Canada.  If born in the province of Quebec, a birth certificate issued by the Directeur de l’État civil Québec, after the first of January 1994 is required;

  • The old passport;

  • 2 other Canadian documents that confirm your identity or equivalent (see section 5 underGeneral information.

The Passport Fees Payable in Cash in Tunisian Dinars or Canadian Dollars

Fees table
10-year Passport (Adult - 16 or over)260
5-year passport (Adult - 16 or over)190
Chlidren's passport100
Declaration in lieu of Guarantor (PPT 132)50
Temporary Passport110
Interim passport135
Pick up Fee for Temporary Passport20

* Fees can be paid in Canadian dollars ($CDN) or Tunisian dinars(DT).

You can learn more about Canadian passports by visiting the Passport Canada website.

In case of theft or lost of passport, a declaration should be completed and the fee is $45 CAD. A declaration from the Tunisian police should be submitted with the application.


Passport Canada is no longer refunding passport and travel document service fees for applications that have been accepted for processing. This policy applies for applications submitted.