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Unfurling the flag in Tunisia

On the occasion of Canada Day, the Canadian Ambassador and his guests celebrated the formal inauguration of the new Canadian Embassy in Tunisia, located in Les Berges du Lac, a modern neighbourhood in the city of Tunis. Hoisting the Canadian flag for the first time in front of the new chancery was a proud event for Canadians and Tunisians alike, as the ceremony highlighted the significance of the new chancery’s opening recently following the Jasmine Revolution of January 2011.

The new embassy in Tunisia
The new embassy in Tunisia

“Canada and Tunisia are writing a new chapter in their common history,” said the Ambassador.  “The enhanced presence this new chancery affords will allow us to deepen the already close business and personal links between our two countries, deliver better services to clients and provide employees with better working conditions in which to promote Canada’s values and interests in Tunisia”.

Canada welcomes the progress Tunisia has made towards democracy since the Revolution and is working with the international community to support its political and economic transition. Canada has supported voter registration and freedom of expression and information in Tunisia. In addition, Canada is prepared to participate in the European Union Election Observation Mission this fall.

Canada’s economic relationship with Tunisia is harmonious, as the tenth-largest foreign investor in Tunisia and the second-largest in the oil sector.

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